Know The Laser Printer Toner Cartridge

Cartridge standard is called the photosensitive drum, and need to pay attention to is that although commonly known as toner cartridge, but in fact the cartridge is almost no selenium composition or only a very small amount of selenium. The reason is called toner cartridges, was originally born in the time, had used inorganic materials - selenium material to produce photosensitive drum. So that selenium by steaming on the drum base attached to the photosensitive drum made. In the 80s, the photosensitive drum has been used organic light guide material to make, so that is cheap, pollution is relatively small. But because we have been accustomed to, so the drum is called "drum". The use of the cartridge is very wide, laser printers, copiers and fax machines are required to use.

From the structure, the cartridge has a whole (or integrated) and separate two.

The integrated cartridge is loaded on the same device with the toner cartridge and the drum, and the entire cartridge is scrapped when the toner is exhausted or the drum is damaged. The models used in these cartridges are mainly Hp (hp) and Canon (canon) models. As more integrated cartridges, so we think that the toner cartridge is the warehouse, which is misunderstood.

Separate toner cartridges and drums and other drums in different devices, the life of the photosensitive drum is generally very long, generally can reach 20,000 life. When the toner is exhausted, just put on a new toner on the line, so the user's printing costs are greatly reduced. The main use of this cartridge is Panasonic (panasonic), Epson (epson) and so on.

Whether it is a laser printer, copier or fax machine, toner cartridges for hp are a vital component. It is not only related to the product's print quality is also related to the use of the product cost, the user must understand the product when buying the product cartridge situation.