What brand of home laser printer is better?

Q: Demand: Want to know as a low performance and low demand for household products, which brand or model of the printer failure rate is lower, while the replacement cost of toner is low?
Print amount: 20-30p / week
Price: 500 ± 200
Type: laser black and white printer

A: According to your print volume, 20 to 30 pages per week, according to 30 pages, the annual print volume of about 1500 pages. Generally a print cartridge is about 1500 ~ 2000 pages, that is, almost a year out of a cartridge. Combined with your budget, personally think that HP1108 more in line with your requirements.

Post-cost, HP1108 is used 388A toner cartridges, this type of toner cartridges in USA's demand is second only to the hp q2612A toner, compatibility has been very stable, and a new domestic compatible cartridge cartoon price of 20usd, So the filling powder has become unnecessary. In addition, if you do not have to use the original supplies, while the print volume is large, please keep away from the brothers and other drums separated from the printer.

Brother of the drum separation design, it seems only need to change the powder box, do not need to change the drum rack, but the actual brother of the powder box, than the HP toner cartridges' entire drum is also expensive, and brother's powder box, such as 2015 powder box, the standard capacity only For 700 pages. Another drum separation design, to a certain extent, the probability of cooperation with each other will be high, not stable enough.